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Just a little cutie that needed to have her picture painted.  (By the way, that's her very own chicken!!!)

I've been doing arts and crafts all my life.  Seems like it's just a natural thing to do.  I have a lot of very helpful artists that give me pointers and a lot wonderful people that claim they are "creatively challenged" (I don't believe a word of it...not with the incredible ideas they come up with).

If you're wondering where in the world the name "Pebblepuss" came from my husband gave me that nickname when I painted 3D rocks.  I swear, everyone I knew was out looking for rocks everywhere they went and I must say, they brought me some really great finds!

So, if you would like to see some of the other creations that I paint, weave, dremel, dye, coil...so on and so forth, please check out the photo gallery.  If anything suits your fancy, email me and I'd be glad to make another.  If you have any ideas of your own, BY ALL MEANS, let me know!!!  You all are amazing!

                                         LEAF PAINTINGS
This is a very old artform that has been renewed.  The piece shown is painted on a Sycamore leaf and suspended in 2 panes of glass to protect it from the elements.  Sycamore leaves grow quite large in this area and are surprisingly durable.
Pine needle baskets

  This pine needle basket is created using a method called coiling.  The needles are naturally  weathered.  I found the best Ponderosa Pine tree in my Mother's back yard for these baskets.  The needles are dyed teal blue and the palm fronds used to coil the needles together are also dyed along with the needles.  I had a few pieces of natural, burnt orange and navy blue raffia left over from other baskets that I made to "spice it up" a bit.

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